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  PipBusterV16   -  Automatic Trading System


By default the system optimized for Eur/Usd 15 min bars. Never the less It works with any forex instrument in any timeframe. As the system use information of just completed bars it can be fast re optimized for your preferable instrument and timeframe.

Pipbuster  has only five optimizable parameters including levels of take profit and stop loss
and one slippage parameter.(Systems with many optimizable parameters are often unstable).

PipBuster has an integrated money management system designed conformably to mathematical and statistical propositions.

Access_Filter  –   Period of Discipline Indicator.                                                                  (Can be optimized)
TakeProfit       –   
Take Profit Level .                                                                                  (Can be optimized)
InitiaStop        –   
Stop Loss Level                                                                                     (Can be optimized)
TrailingStop     –    Trailing stop 
risk                 -   Risk Parameter is related to the money management
                          built in system it will always keep you away from taking non calculated risk
                          considering your equities. it will control the lots size accordigly.                  (Can be optimized)

Sippage              this parameter is to be fixed onthefly according to the market conditions.      (Should not be optimized)






1.     Close you MataTrader4 Platform.
2.     Put “PipBuster v16c.zip” file in your MetaTrader4 main folder.
3.     For example: “C:\Program Files\MetaTrader 4”.
4.     Unpack the archive file “
PipBuster v16c.zip” in your MetaTrader4 main folder
5.     Profit Engine System will be installed in the right places.
6.     Run you MetaTrader4 Platform.
7.     In the Navigator windows you will see next:

















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