Colloidal Silver Water Generator
Model GM550

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Colloidal Silver Water Generator "SilverPro©

Model GM550  August  9, 2010


User Manual 

Operation Modes 

After connecting the AC adapter to the SilverPro© the led displays "AC" ,

Press the "Mode" key to scroll through "On - Off - Setup"  use the Set key to select the required mode.


 By selecting "ON" mode the the SilverPro© start the process of generating the colloidal using the your preset Setup parameters. The unit allways recall the last used presets. During it's operation the display scrolls between the total minutes elapsed , the present electrical current through the emulsion measured in milliamperes (0.1 milliampere resolution) and voltage measured across the emulsion ( 1 Volt resolution) which represent it's conductivity .

When finally it reaches a predefined threshold set by the "U" parameter (defined in the "Setup" process ) it displays "Ready" and 5 voice alerts to indicate the end of the process.

With SilverPro© you can precisely fix the requireds Colloide density at which level it will automaticaly stop the process and shut the unit.

Turn off the unit displayes  ". . . . " as long as the power adapter is connected to the unit and to the mains.

After selecting this mode, use the "Set" key to scroll between the three sub setup modes
"I" - to set the constant current for the process
"F" - to set the swap frequency of the process 
"U" - to set the auto shut off voltage of the process 
To set a higher or lower level  for each parameters use the "Plus" or  "Minus" keys .
The letters shows in a right justified manner side of the Display and the numeric values are left justified.

Mode Set Display Description Step
ON + Time, Current,Voltage  Scrolls display 2 Sec for parameter   
Off + . . . . When connected to the mains  
Setup + I Set Max constant current for process 0.1 - 6 mA 0.1 Volt step Use +/- to change

+ F Set swap voltage frequency 1 - 180 min 1 Minute step Use +/- to change

+ U Set Lower voltage threshold  0.2- 15 Vdc 0.2 Volt step Use +/- to change
Prog + 0.3ml- 0.6ml - 1L Predefined setup settings for jar size   Use +/- to change

*  Pressing the Mode key while in setup mode switch back to On mode.

Setup Considerations

"U" - Set lower voltage values across the colloidal solution to achieve higher PPM rates.
 "I" - Set for lower current values to achieve cleaner more stable colloidal solution ( < 1mA for 500ml -1000ml )
         the lower the constant current settings the longer the process last(  2 - 6 Hours ) 
 "F" - Set the voltage swap frequency between 1 Minute - 180 Minutes (1 minute step) to obtain pure, stable
        and clear Colloidal Solution not
light sensitive.typical value for this parameter is 2Min.
        longer time settings speed the process but would probably cause agglomeration on the silver Electrodes.


Size : H29 x L110 x W51

Weight : 0.15 Kg
Input Voltage: 6 - 12 Volts AC/DC @ 500mA Wall Transformer/Adapter. 
Max output Voltage at SilverPro© Probes: 48 Volts DC, (+/- 1) Volt
Output Current (Adjustable Constant-Current): 0.1mA - 15mA (+/- 0.5mA).

Electronic Circuit Diagram (Click to enlarge)

SilverPro© functions are totally controlled by a microprocessor to guarantee exact and accurate operation.

A unique circuit design utilizes a proprietary DC-DC converter which boosts the input voltage of 6 - 12 Volts to the 48 Volts DC required by SilverPro©  to quick start the colloidal process.

Use the SilverPro© at the lowest current setting (< 1.5mA) to produce the highest quality colloidal silver with the smallest possible particle size.



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